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Alien Brain Themes (Shrunken Head Remix for Compact Disk)

Alien Brain Themes
Pheromone Addict
When I dream of Flying
Then One Night
To Earth and Back
Postcard from Belleville
More Alien Brain Themes
Fata Morgana
Der Neanderthal
Song for Tibet

(1995 Risque' Records) This is better. This was when I had a real live studio with Mr. Cyclops. Mixed on the impressive looking and very expensive Einstein but I think my Tascam board sounds better. Rather more classical but sufficiently Zen with which to space. Essentially redone twice during final mix - once for a vamp job and once to fix the inevitable overproduction. This was an even bigger commercial flop than Kumari's Window. Some of the tunes are quite nice.

- Could it be that aliens visited Earth 250,000 years ago ...
- Many believe this couldn't have been done without the help of...
- If these reports are true ...

By popular demand ... Grab your backstage pass and check out the artwork.

spastic alien brain gif by Kez el Fez

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