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Fall from Grace

The Announcer
Approaching the Fractal Boundary

The Announcer
Bells for Peace (rare original mix)
Dead Time

(1994 Risque' Records) Features the rare original mix of 'Bells for Peace' and the introduction of Kez' 'Announcer' concept, the first being totally dry and the second very wet. Includes the first draft of Kez' notable 'Approaching the Fractal Bounday Suite' in three parts. Those familiar with this important work would recognize the subtle atonality which permeates the piece.

The last tune was an strictly experimental. I had an idea to do a project where all the tunes started with natural sounds. The idea was to carefully synthesize the sounds and, as the piece unfolded, subtly morph them into familiar instruments. At the end they would, of course, revert to their initial natural character. This is a great idea but I haven't yet had an opportunity to do much more than talk about - which I do quite frequently.

The cover features a Tibetan trung trung. The graphic was lifted from a postcard which was subsequently lost. The logo is a better execution of Kez' original fabulously conceived but poorly executed concept.

The artwork is a bit sparse but check it out

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