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Project Incinerate

Fall from Grace
Moonrise Theme
Serenade for Strings Part 1
Serenade for Strings Part 2

The Electric Testicle
Mauve Theme
Vince's Dream
Moonrise Theme Alternative Mix

Stub of the Czar's Cigar
Incinerate X
Incinerate Reprise

(2000 Risque' Records) The latest from el Fez. Initially intended to be his segue to the new genere, it turned out to be his segeue from the old genere. Features some very incompetent guitar work by Kez which even the heavy post processing couldn't fix.

Included in Project Incinerate's new tracks are some haunting string rif's which were basically stumbled on. Kez could never write anything like that. Kez also performs his first ever cover of another musician's work - The Stub of the Czar's Cigar (written by Mister Cyclops).

By popular demand ... Grab your backstage pass and check out the artwork.

"Embrace the lifeform"

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