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Kumari's Window (Shrunken Head Remix for Compact Disk)

Introductory Cacophony
Dancing Kumaris
Part I
Three Dreams
Part 2
Kumari's Window
Part 3
Finally a Breath
Part 4
Kumari's Other Toenail

(1992 Risque' Records) There are some great tunes here. Recorded on rather marginal equipment which is unfortunate since there are some great tunes here. Some of the themes are a bit dark.  I might have invested five hunderd dollars at the time. Did I mention this was not a best seller? Features Mr. Cyclops on several bass tracks and the Casio CZ 3000 as the sole synth for a really synthetic sound whether I wanted it or not. Hey, this is an analog four track project. Overall, it's a zen thing.

Recently remastered for compact disk under the guidance of the All-Knowing Shrunken Head

Since the Kumari doesn't have her website up yet, I put in a few links of my own on the Official Kez el-Fez Kumari Webpage which features some very hard to find photos of the Kumaris and several interesting facts about this astounding cultural artifact. This really borders on the bizarre.

By popular demand ... Grab your backstage pass and check out the artwork.

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