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Fall from Grace
Birefringent Specimen
Mauve Zone
True Fawn
Spherical Glass Envelopes
The End
Little Green Dog
Kumari's Window Theme
Serenade for Strings
Derivative Man
Moonrise - original mix
Moonrise Reprise

(1995 Risque' Records) Classical overtones on pseudo jazz groove. First compact disk and first realization that what I needed wasn't a perfect DAT tape but a perfect wave file. Most of the tunes are a couple years old but the layout is pretty much as originally conceived. Again, in the pursuit of technical perfection and artistic satisfaction, just about everything had to be totally redone when this was mastered. I started reading a little Arnold Schoenberg while doing this. And this is when I started putting Benazir Bhutto's picture on the artwork (this link points to what is likely the largest archive of Benazir Bhutto photographs extant today).

Technical Note: These glass envelopes are spherical and maybe about two meters in diameter. The wall thickness is only a few millimeters but it's very resilient material. I'm not sure how to get in since there's no opening but you can sit inside them and float around and check things out. They're guided by your thoughts. If you're suddenly engulfed by a fireball from a spurious nuclear test, they become totally opaque within twelve microseconds to protect your eyes - you don't even need your x-ray blocking contacts.

By popular demand ... Grab your backstage pass and check out the artwork or visit the official Kez el Fez Benazir Bhutto page.

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