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Serenade for Piano and Theremin

Mantra In Tantalum
The Rose Suite (in 3 parts)
Bells for Peace
Serenade for Piano and Theremin
Kham Song
The Announcer
Punji Stick
The Announcer
Approaching the Fractal Boundary Suite (in 3 parts)
Dog Skin Drum
Bells for Peace Theme

(2000 Risque' Records) This project is way cool and environmentally friendly too. Features Gordy and the Doll Head Band.

The whole idea started out as a concept piece envisioned to be a series of light, cerebral bell tunes played entirely on my collection of explosively forged projectile liners - hardware designed to kill people. But it never got that far.

Unwilling to devote the time to build an actual Theremin and too cheap to buy one, I resorted to using a very slow attack bell as a substitute. So, what you hear is really an analog representation of a synthetic instrument. Zolt found this mildly amusing, though it probably means nothing to anyone else. All this just proves I'm something of a closet recursive.

The nicest mix of Bells for Peace is actually found on the Fall from Grace project. Too bad that's a private release. These are a little too wet which must be the Cyclops influence.

Kham is a province in Western Tibet. Kham Song is taken from a traditional melody I'd hear at Tibetan gigs and features my rendition of a Dam Ying (a Tibetan stringed instrument).

I slaved over the percussion in Dog Skin Drum but they do sound like they could be made from dog skin. My inflated ego forces me report that I do like this project and often can't believe I wrote it.

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