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The Kez el Fez Kumari Page

Unfortunately, links to Kumari stuff are rather hard to come by. I have a few in no particular order.

There's some material at the 3E Encyclopedia. TNT magazine has some info on a 'Travel to Kathmandu' page. Look under Related Articles - Home of the living goddess. The picture of the Kumari's house came from a foreign language site (maybe it's a foreign planet, I'm not sure). Anil Tuladhar shared some info with me on a Hindu religion bulletin board at the University of British Colombia. Eugene Margulis tells about the Kumari in a rather lengthly note about his trip to Nepal but you have to dig through it to find the Kumari part. Raju Tuladhar has a short bit on Nepal Digest. The best way to find his stuff is to search for 'Kumari' on the page. It's not indexed very well.

If you know of any Kumari links, shoot me an e-mail with the URL.

Meanwhile, check out my vast collection of Kumari pictures, pilfered from various sources.

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